But a few of the observations, notes and thoughts on what was witnessed on any given day

Oct 17 2017

Darkeness doesn’t eclipse the light- it defines it.

January 5 2018

The what lies on other side of fear is beyond our imagination.

December 28 2019

At the moment I thought I had arrived I realised ” how far I had come” was the actual destination

March 15 2019

Mindful is about being aware of how actions and words fit into the world around us

June 26 2019

Capitslism; is ultimatley alwasys broken down to “When an opportunity in the environment is leveraged (Capitalised on) to serve an individual”

February 4 2023

Mindfulness is the result of fear and pain or love, to understand what leads to a state of mindfulness the two must be accepted whole heartedly

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